Top 5 pest Control Services in Gurgaon with Number and Charges

At a glance at the 5 best pest control Gurgaon of 2022 with phone numbersaddresses and reviews.

1. PCES Pest Solutions

Years of Experience5+ Score: 4.8
Hired on Times

Call: 0941 368 6496

Cockroach Treatment Cost:Rs. 500
Termite Treatment:Rs. 3.00/per sq feet
Service Warranty:1 Year

Discount: 25%

2. Urban Aider

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3. 24×7 Pest Control

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4. Pest Dial Pvt Ltd

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797 604 7244

5. Quality pest control

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979 972 4947

Top 5 Pest Control GurgaonNumberReviews
PCES Pest Solutions830208909054 Reviews
Urban Aider9413686496179 Reviews
24×7 Pest Control9024058770146 Reviews
Pest Dial Pvt Ltd797604724449 Reviews
Quality pest control9799724947202 Reviews
Top 5 Pest Control Gurgaon and their contact details

Below is the detailing of the top 5 pest control companies of Bangalore with required contact details, services and introduction.

1. PCES Pest Solutions

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Contact Details Of PCES Pest Solutions

Reviews: 54 Google Reviews, 4.4 out of 5

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About PCES Pest Solutions

PCES Pest Solutions is an established company and was started in 2000. They offer all types of pest eradication services, including rats, mice, silverfish, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, lizards, spiders, cockroaches, etc.

Services of PCES Pest Solutions

  1. Cockroach insecticide
  2. Professional bed bug treatment
  3. Bat removal service near me
  4. Mosquito mister
  5. Scorpion control
  6. Mosquito control service
  7. Organic pest management

2. Urban Aider

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Contact Details Of Urban Aider

Reviews: 179 Google Reviews, 4.9 out of 5

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About Urban Aider

Urban Aider is another famous pesticide control company in Gurgaon, and they offer the same services too. They have been in service since 1999 and offer highly professional services.

Services of Urban Aider

  1. Green pest
  2. Stem borer insecticide
  3. Petti pest control
  4. Woodworm treatment
  5. Bug exterminator
  6. Wasp nest removal
  7. Ant exterminator
  8. Mosquito treatment for yard
  9. Roach exterminator

3. 24×7 Pest Control

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Contact Details Of 24×7 Pest Control

Reviews: 146 Google Reviews, 4.7 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About 24×7 Pest Control

One more famous company is 24×7 Pest Control. It is the best and most certified company in Gurgaon that offers many services like cockroach control, rodent control, mosquito and fly control, bird control, termite control, bed bug control, etc.

24×7 Pest Control use unique techniques to control the pests. For example, they use green nuisance control treatments to expel cockroaches, hazing treatments to kill mosquitoes and flies, clean bird droppings that spoil the buildings and areas around houses, use government-certified synthetics for termite expulsion, offer various non-synthetic bed bag medications, etc.

Services of 24×7 Pest Control

  1. Mice removal
  2. Termite and pest control
  3. Cockroach exterminator
  4. Termite exterminator
  5. Systemic insecticide for aphids
  6. Fruit fly control
  7. Grubs insect

4. Pest Dial Pvt Ltd

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797 604 7244

Contact Details Of Pest Dial Pvt Ltd

Reviews: 47 Google Reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Pest Dial Pvt Ltd

Pest Dial Pvt Ltd is offering modern services to control the pests in the house, garden and farms. Pest Dial Pvt Ltd is offering a technology that is useful in controlling rodents, grasscutters, etc. They do not pose any risk to plants or humans. The chemical services make use of suffocants like insecticides. The cultural service employs a variety of methods to create unfavourable conditions for the pest to survive, and lastly, the biological service uses an integrated pest management and agro-ecology system that is very safe. Some other methods used for the eradication of pests are Fumigation and Hygienic services.

Services of Pest Dial Pvt Ltd

  1. Lawn insecticide
  2. Best outdoor mosquito killer
  3. Bayer pest control
  4. Anay treatment
  5. Bed bug control
  6. Grasshopper killer
  7. Termite control
  8. Spider insecticide
  9. Pest control Ghaziabad
  10. pest control services in Noida

5. Quality pest control

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979 972 4947

Contact Details Of Quality pest control

Reviews: 202 Google Reviews, 4.6 out of 5

Address: Get Directions

About Quality pest control

Quality pest control offer every kind of pest control in Gurgaon. There are two types of pests in our environment. They are micro and macro. Micros are the ones that are too small to be noticed, like an armyworm, cutworm, or aphid. The macros are the ones that can easily be noticed, like rodents, rabbits, etc. Pests are not only a concern in our surroundings but also a disaster for plants in the agricultural field. To address this issue, Quality pest control offers four different types of pest control. These are Physical, Chemical, Cultural, and Biological. 

Services of Quality pest control

  1. Mosquito treatment
  2. Bee pest control
  3. Scorpion pest control
  4. Best insect killer
  5. Cockroach pest control
  6. Termite insecticide

Are you from Gurgaon? Are you concerned about pests? Are they damaging your ecological system? Are they ruining your home space? 

Worry not! Because we will walk you through all of the information you need to be free of concern about their removal techniques!

It is common that it gets embarrassing in front of guests and outsiders if they notice any kind of presence of any type of pest or rodent.

Also, sometimes it may get disturbing if the mosquitoes or flies are moving around in your office space and interfering with your work or an interview. It primarily raises concerns about the hygiene of your home or the space you are living in!

But not anymore, as I am going to introduce you to the top five pest control services near you! As you know, pest control management or regulation is a challenge in some areas, but luckily, there are many reputed pest control companies in Gurgaon that offer various services to eliminate and exterminate different types of pests in Gurgaon!

The top five pest control companies in Gurgaon are PCES Pest Solutions, Urban Aider, 24×7 Pest Control, Pest Dial Pvt Ltd and Quality pest control. These companies offer different pest control services with highly professional and qualitatively experienced technicians and offer very safe, reliable, and trustworthy services. They use eco-friendly chemicals and sprays that do not cause harm or pose a risk to your health.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Gurgaon?


Average price list for the pest control services in Gurgaon

One of the major problems that people everywhere face these days is controlling pests. They become a nuisance and not only make any place dirty and unhygienic but can also lead to serious diseases.

In the present times when there has been a renewed focus on living a healthy life, pest control at homes and offices is a must to avoid unnecessary medical bills and live in a clean, disturbance-free environment.

The price of having pest control done in Gurgaon is not at all expensive. The cost varies depending on the service provider chosen and the area covered.

The price of pest control in Gurgaon ranges from a minimal Rs. 1000 to Rs. 8000. Also there are different types of pest control services targeting specific pests and insects, like lizard control, cockroach control, termites control etc., and the cost varies accordingly. So, what one needs to know before calling a service provider is what kind of pests and insects affect the house or office.

According to that, one needs to select the best service provider, for there are a range of service providers available in Gurgaon that offer pest control services for homes and offices. Overall pest control services are also available, which targets almost all kinds of pests and insects.

The price of bed bug, cockroach and mice treatments is the least among all other pest control services available in Gurgaon.

The average cost of pest control for 1 BHK is around Rs. 1200, and it increases with addition to rooms. Some service providers also provide packages that include only the kitchen and bathroom. These packages cost less, around Rs. 500 – Rs. 900.

Checkout charges for pest control services in Delhi here.

There are also specialised packages which target specific problems like bird netting and bee control. The costs for these services vary from Rs. 1000 – Rs. 5000, depending on the area covered. The cost for bird netting is quite more than the other treatments, and for bee control it ranges between Rs. 1000 – Rs. 2000. The most expensive treatment is the termite control service which may go up to Rs. 9000, depending on the space covered.

Some companies also provide packages for large homes and offices, going upto 5 BHK spaces. The cost for large spaces varies from Rs. 2000 – Rs. 8000. However, if there are no specific needs, then what one can do is call for the general pest control services to be on the safe side and also to prevent future attack. This costs relatively less, the price ranging from Rs. 600 – Rs. 2000. For 1 BHK spaces it costs around Rs. 700.

The cost of pest control in Gurgaon mostly depends on the service provider. Some service providers charge differently for commercial spaces, which range from Re. 1 to Rs. 1.5 per sq. feet covered. Some companies also provide mosquito control services, which is extremely necessary for some areas, whether residential or commercial. The cost is slightly higher for this service, ranging from Rs. 1500 – Rs. 3000.

This is all about pest control services in Gurgaon. The rates given here are average rates, and the actual rates will depend on the service provider and the type of service chosen and the area covered for the treatment.

FAQs about Pest control Gurgaon


Who likes uninvited guests at home, especially the pestering ones who arrive at their own will and disrupt our day-to-day lives? No, we aren’t talking about any unwelcomed relatives or annoying friends with boundary issues, but the most mulish invaders responsible for wasting tonnes of grains every year and spreading dreadful diseases in our households- Pests!

Pests like cockroaches, ants, bugs, spiders, and rodents are not only creepy but capable of turning our lives upside down. The scariest part is- you can hardly tell where they are dwelling! Even if by a stroke of luck you eradicate some of them, the chances are, there’s still an army waiting for you at multiple corners, holes, and passages of your house. In such scenarios, opting for professional pest control services is the only judicious way out.

If your house or office is infested with pests and you are ready to take the next step, we are here at your disposal. Pest control is a tricky affair and it would only be beneficial to have your queries answered beforehand.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by people looking to employ pest control services in Gurgaon just like you, please have a look:

Is pest control an essential service?

Yes, pest control is considered an essential service as it is directly related to public health and the preservation of property. After the unprecedented account of destruction caused by coronavirus, pest control services have become more critical than ever.

Are pest control companies worth it?

Pest infestation is a serious deal and even if you are able to perform extermination on your own, its effectiveness is questionable. Additionally, a novice dealing with harmful chemicals can turn out to be more hazardous than one can imagine! In the respect of safety, effectiveness, and peace of mind, pest control companies are worth every penny. They are licensed, use professional products, and take due care to keep your family and belongings safe.

Which Pest control company is the best?

Orkin pest control service is widely available throughout the United States and is famous for providing timely & professional services.
Terminix, Arrow Exterminators, Truly Nolen, Ehrlich, and Aptive are some of the other names that top the list of Best Pest control companies and are worth a try.

Should I use Pest control quarterly service or half-yearly service?

It depends on the degree of infestation and the area you are located in. If your house has been severely infested, going for a bi-monthly or quarterly plan would be wise.

Where does pest control spray in apartments?

Pest control spray inside the boundaries of every room, and any holes/cracks. To catch bigger pests, they place baits, and to eliminate termites and bed bugs, they might fumigate the apartment.

Can I do pest control on my own?

Yes, but why waste money and time when there are excellent services available? Performing pest control yourself can be ineffective and lack of expertise can expose your family to unanticipated dangers. It’s always better to let the experts deal with the chemicals.

How long after fumigation is it safe for pets?

Once the fumigation gases are out of your house, you must thoroughly clean every area and let your pets in only after 24 hours.

Are pesticides safe after they dry?

Most of the pesticides and chemicals used in pest control are safe after drying. If you have pets, clean their furs, paws, and outer skin once in a while to avoid any risks.

How much does pest control service cost?

Pest control service can cost anywhere around 1000 to 8000 in the Gurgaon. In most cases, the price depends on the area to be treated and the type of products needed to eliminate specific pests.

When should one get pest control done at home?

Signs of pest infestation are not as evident as one might think. The creepy creatures are pro at hiding inside invisible cracks, contaminating household items, and multiplying exponentially. However, if you or your family members fall sick frequently, encounter pest droppings, small holes in walls, damages to plants and furniture, and gnaw marks; you should immediately contact pest control services.

Other related FAQs about pest control services in Gurgaon you can visit here.

We hope these FAQs about Pest control services helped you get relieved of some stress. Still have a doubt? Ask your queries in the comment section below and we will try to find the solution to what’s been ‘bugging’ you!

I hope this web-page has given you proper knowledge about pest control, pest control companies in Gurgaon, their charges, frequently asked questions and pest control services in Gurgaon.

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