Top 5 Packers And Movers electronic city Bangalore With Number And Charges

In this article we have offered you a list of the top 5 packers and movers Electronic City Bangalore of 2022 with phone numbers, addresses, reviews and charges.

5 Best Packers Movers in Electronic cityNumberGoogle ReviewsAddress
Sharma Packers and Movers941368649675 ReviewsDirections
Verified team Packers and movers9024058770190 ReviewsDirections
Priti Cargo Packers And Movers935828649660 ReviewsDirections
Ayaan International Packers And Movers7976047244116 ReviewsDirections
Super Speed Packers and Movers9799724947161 ReviewsDirections

1. Sharma Packers and Movers

Contact Details of Sharma Packers and Movers

Phone Number: 09413686496

Reviews: 75 Google reviews, 4.2 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Sharma Packers and Movers

Sharma Packers and Movers Electronic City Bangalore ensure that everything runs smoothly, from planning to implementation and reporting. When the best people handle the expensive and time-consuming task of the company or individual relocation, it becomes a breeze. Furthermore, when employees work hard to ensure a damage-free relocation, you get unparalleled service from your house shifting services provider. 

Services of Sharma Packers and Movers

2. Verified team Packers and movers

Contact Details of Verified team Packers and movers

Phone Number: 9024058770

Reviews: 190 Google reviews, 4.0 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Verified team Packers and movers

They will handle all of your things and packaging with the utmost carefulness. Their packing especially is remarkable. They are pretty competent and do not rush through the packaging process. Additionally, they will deliver all of your items at the location that you specify. You’ll be quite delighted with the service and would certainly recommend it to anyone who needs packing and moving assistance! They are among the most proficient in the industry because of their exceptional experience and outstanding work ethic.

Services of Verified team Packers and movers

3. Priti Cargo Packers And Movers

Contact Details of Priti Cargo Packers And Movers

Phone Number: 9358286496

Reviews: 60 Google reviews, 4.5 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Priti Cargo Packers And Movers

Priti Cargo Packers And Movers have a crew that understands how to handle residential, commercial, and business items. They support clients from the start of the relocation process, from planning to transporting valuables to the new place. They will definitely end your quest for the best house shifting services near me. Employees of these packers and movers unload, unpack, and arrange your products with extreme care and regard once they get to their destination.

Services of Priti Cargo Packers And Movers

4. Ayaan International Packers And Movers

Contact Details of Ayaan International Packers And Movers

Phone Number: 7976047244

Reviews: 107 Google reviews, 4.9 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Ayaan International Packers And Movers

Ayaan International Packers And Movers is a well-known and highly professional service provider for packers and movers in Electronic City Bangalore. Customers receive Total Relocation Solutions from them, and they are more satisfied and happy as a result. They have a team of skilled experts that are well-versed in their field to ensure smooth and comfortable transportation.

Services of Ayaan International Packers And Movers

5. Super Speed Packers and Movers

Contact Details of Super Speed Packers and Movers

Phone Number: 9799724947

Reviews: 161 Google reviews, 4.1 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Super Speed Packers and Movers

They have over 15 years of expertise as packers and movers. Furthermore, they offer the best and most reliable packing and moving service at affordable prices. With an experienced crew, they can move your home, office, or car anywhere. They’ll take care of the tidying up. They will elegantly pack all of the items into the container, unload them, and store them at the new location.

Services of Super Speed Packers and Movers

Moving to a new location is like starting a new life, and it also comes with the headaches of transporting all of your belongings. If you move to a new house, a store, or an office on your own, the process can be a hassle.

There’s a chance you’ll break anything or lose something while relocating. As a result, getting expert help from licensed packers and movers near me is preferable.

You’d like to find one, but you might be overwhelmed by the prospect of selecting the greatest one. Don’t fret; for your convenience, we’ve jotted down a list of the top 5 best packers and movers Electronic City, Bangalore.

Bubble wrapping it up! 

We have assembled the top 5 of the most professional movers and packers in Uttarahalli, Bangalore. We get how important it is for you to have faith in your home shifting service provider. You can rely on the aforementioned locations and no longer have to be concerned about your relocation. You can concentrate on your new life by transferring to a new place with a clear mind!

What are the Packers And Movers Charges In Electronic City Bangalore?

Once in a lifetime you must have pondered about relocating to your most coveted place. Home shifting is an integral as well as tortuous procedure of the modern world as people migrate from one destination to another in search of a better living.

But migration consumes one’s time, energy, planning and patience. Deciding to move out on your own without the assistance of a trustworthy packers and movers team may put you in a situation of utter helplessness as assembling and disassembling of lofty appliances could be a tumultuous task.

So it is advisable to choose a professional, experienced and trust-worthy packers and movers group for a happy-go-lucky evacuation process since the essence of a house resides in the possessions acquired by a person and an incautious handling may result in the loss of these beloved assets and can leave a lifelong impression of guilt in your mind.

Most packers and movers companies try to compensate with the loss or damage done to your belongings but it cannot compensate with the attachment and hurt feelings caused due to losing one’s priceless assets. 

Therefore a person should opt for a company which could provide them with the best packers and movers workers who are cordial, cooperative and gives the demand and urgency of the clients the utmost importance and that too at cost-effective charges.

The responsibility of the packers and movers is to take away the headache and discomfort of packing,unpacking, stacking and emptying of your goods and turn the troublesome affair of relocating and reaching your intended place of dwelling into a stress-free, secure and unharmed accomplishment of the move and without causing a single scratch on any of your personal items. 

Below are the modest costs charged by the packers and movers company who makes the house shifting a manageable activity with the client giving no or little guidance and scrutinising each and every procedure of the task while relaxing on an armchair and with no strain on his/her mind.

You just need to choose a day and the packers and movers will reach the required destination on time and unburden you with all of your worries.

1 RK 2K-4K 4K-6K – 6K-8K
1 BHK 4K-6K 6K-8K – 8K-10K
2 BHK 6K-8K 8K-10K – 10K-12K
3 BHK 10K-12K 12K-14K – 14K-18K
4 BHK 14K-16K 16K-18K – 18K-22K

These are the nominal and negotiable fees asked by the packers and movers organisation for providing their service to the clients.

The packers and movers team take full accountability of the goods of the clients and help in easy moving to a joyful city like Bangalore.

The client should keep the types of moves and distance in kilometres and the rates while going for a packers and movers company. 

Frequently asked questions about Packers and Movers

How can a customer believe in packers and movers?

The government issues Certificate of Quality Management. An ISO certificate is proof for this. There are many Government recognized Packers and Movers. Such type of packers and movers will not compromise on quality. Moreover they are customers satisfying too.

What type containers will be used mostly?

It differs from the requirements of people. And it depends on the materials they want to move. There are semi-trailer trucks, jumbo trailer trucks, tall lift trucks, truck with refrigeration capabilities, truck with flatbed etc. It purely comes under the materials and distance that need to be cover. All the packers and movers will inform the customers regarding the vehicles they have and what can be used according to their needs.

How does insurance works when it comes to packers and movers?

The fundamental form is Released Value Protection. There will be no extra cost for this and most of the companies quote this. This can be used by any customer. There are many companies that are providing transit insurance. It is 3 percent of the house hold goods and it will cover the accident claims. All Risk Insurance is the other one. Only a very few companies will provide this insurance. In this type even a single item and all the other accident claims can be claimed by the customers. All Risk Insurance is always better when comparing to transit insurance.

How long will it take for a packers and movers to pack for a resident?

Generally it will take about 3 hours for a single bedroom house. Depending on the information the other data can be calculated.

Don’ts while house shifting?

Gas cylinders and telephone services should be disconnected. Before leaving the place a recheck is a must.  There should not be any flammable items left as such. Refrigerators should be defrosted and the air should be let out for 8 hours before packing. Valuables should be packed and keep it aside. Starting the packing a week before is always better.

What all the items that cannot be loaded on to the vehicle when house shifting happens? 

Liquid items, pets, pots, inflammable items cannot be loaded. All this instructions will be given before the packing starts. 

How GST is calculated for packers and movers?

Generally the GST will be 18 percent unless you choose to avail the transport services alone.  When the packing and loading part is done by you then the GST is 5 percent. Most people confuse with these two.  When it comes to transit insurance the GST will be 18 percent. For own vehicles and transportation through inland waterways the GST will be exempted.

How to hire best packers and movers at affordable prices?

Try to make a list of ISO certified or else experienced packers and movers in your city. Reading the reviews of other customers will also help. From the list you made pick best three services. While checking for the prices compare and see from the three you have chosen.  Also don’t forget to enquire about the vehicles they use. Check on the strength of the crew and authenticity. If possible you can also have a short trial and see.

Some of the ISO Certified house shifting Packers and Movers in Electronic City Bangalore?

Super Speed Packers and Movers, Ayaan International Packers And Movers, Sharma Packers and Movers, Priti Cargo Packers And Movers, Verified team Packers and movers

services offered by a packers and movers Electronic City Bangalore

Relocating to a new house or city may be a stressful experience. Acclimating to an unfamiliar environment is not the issue you have to deal with, but it’s also the onerous process of packing and unpacking. Items are routinely misplaced or at times even damaged – no one enjoys dealing with all this nonsense!

Of course moving to an absolute new area is exhilarating BUT the enthusiasm, however, is always accompanied with challenges.

Given your hectic schedule and lack of spare time, hiring packers and movers to aid with moving becomes vital. House shifting services now provide custom facilities to ensure your move as simple as possible.

This articles provides you with information regarding the variety of home shifting services offered by professional packers and movers.

Now, the different types of services that our best packers and movers provide:

  1. Residential Relocation: Moving houses is a tedious procedure that differs from business relocation. In this case, you have fewer workers and a large assortment of personal items ranging from books to clothing to furnishings. There are various packers and movers who specialize in home shifting. They provide the packing materials that are highly suitable for the kind of item as well as assisting professionals to help you with the overall process.
  2. Local Moving: This category comprises intra-city relocations that are best completed by vehicle. Truck services are used by packers and movers to transfer commodities such as furniture, appliances, and other stuff. Loading, transporting, and unloading are all done with considerable attention to avoid harm to the commodities.
  3. Domestic/Inter-state Relocation: This applies to relocating inside the country from one region/state to another. Your goods are packed depending on whether they will be transported by air or by road. Numerous packers and movers also handle motor vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles, etc.

In today’s society, there is a greater demand for relocation aid. Packers and movers now provide tailored services that assist you migrate in a hassle-free way, keeping in mind the diverse needs of consumers. While comprehending your requirements is the very first step, settling on a reputable packers and movers is the second significant step.

Our services make it extremely effortless for you to discover certified and skilled packers and movers. No matter whatever city you will have to relocate to, our services is here to make sure you have the greatest experience possible, mostly from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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