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Top 5 packers and movers in Bommanahalli, Bangalore of 2022 with phone numbers, addresses, reviews and charges.

5 Best Packers Movers in Bommanahalli (100% TRUSTED & VERIFIED)NumberGoogle ReviewsAddress
Lion Packers and Movers9413686496100 ReviewsDirections
Aarkay Packers and Movers9024058770503 ReviewsDirections
Ameer Packers and Movers8302089090409 ReviewsDirections
Amanat Packers and Movers7976047244225 ReviewsDirections
Roshan packers and Movers979972494780 ReviewsDirections

1. Lion Packers and Movers

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941 368 6496

Contact Details of Lion Packers and Movers

Reviews: 100 Google reviews, 4.5 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Lion Packers and Movers

Lion Packers and Movers is one of India’s leading organizations providing reliable and prompt service in the field of packaging and transportation. They offer a wide range of services like Packaging and Unpacking, Local Shifting Services, Household Goods Warehousing, Relocation Services, Car Carrier Services, Packaging services etc while adhering to international standards while packing and relocating your goods. Well, the best part is they have one of their offices in the Vicinity of Bommanahalli.

Services of Lion Packers and Movers

2. Aarkay Packers and Movers

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902 405 8770

Contact Details of Aarkay Packers and Movers

Reviews: 503 Google reviews, 4.7 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Aarkay Packers and Movers

With an experience of more than 15 years, Aarkay Packers and Movers, has become a well-known brand while speaking about the relocation of goods and material industry in Bangalore. They provide a wide range of packing and moving services for not just domestic but also a wide range of commercial and industrial purposes as well. So if you are looking for someone with experience on hand to provide a hassle-free shifting experience, they are the ones you can consider.

Services of Aarkay Packers and Movers

3. Ameer Packers and Movers

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830 208 9090

Contact Details of Ameer Packers and Movers

Reviews: 409 Google reviews, 4.5 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Ameer Packers and Movers

If you are looking for a well-administered relocating and shifting service provider, who is well known for adhering to their timelines, then Ameer Packers and Movers might just be your go-to service provider. On the other hand, with a team of professionally in house trained packers and an experience of 20+ years, they promise you a hassle-free shifting experience.

Services of Ameer Packers and Movers

4. Amanat Packers and Movers

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797 604 7244

Contact Details of Amanat Packers and Movers

Reviews: 225 Google reviews, 4.8 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Amanat Packers and Movers

Many of the Packers and Movers don’t disclose their quotations or give you an estimate beforehand. So if you are looking for someone who provides 24/7 house shifting services at standard prices, then Amanat Packers and movers would be the right place to go.

Services of Amanat Packers and Movers

5. Roshan packers and Movers

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979 972 4947

Contact Details of Roshan packers and Movers

Reviews: 80 Google reviews, 5.0 out of 5

Address: Get Direction

About Roshan packers and Movers

Roshan packers and Movers is a well-known packer and movers service provider who provides quality house shifting services that are not just ensured but also insured. So if you are looking for not just a hassle-free but also doubt free relocation experience, try the Roshan packers and Movers bommanahalli as they say.

Services of Roshan packers and Movers

Movers and Packers charges in Bommanahalli, Bangalore

Whenever you have to shift your house then the most stressful thing that comes to mind is packing and moving to a new destination. I know most of you would have also gone through the same stress while packing and moving to a new place, but the time is changing now, we are getting new sort of assistant help that make our work less stressful, less chaotic, and quick in terms of time. With the assistance of professional packers and movers, one can easily shift their stuff to a new location safely and without the tension of the things to get done. They are professional enough that take care of your stuff and allow you to travel safely and soundly.

What do packers and movers do? Their task is to help you to transport the goods from one place to another in exchange for the fees. Packers and movers charge a particular amount from their clients. The fee terms may differ from company to company or based on the services. The packers and movers charge per km or it may different like home shifting charges. Let’s check how packers and movers work firstly they pack the goods, then load the material, then they move the stuff, then unload the items.

The sort of professionalism they show in their work is the reason packers’ and movers’ rates differ from company to company or the services they provide. If we talk about Banashankari Bangalore prices then house shifting services cost may differ from the distance travelled. The distance between Banashankari and the city railway station is nearly about 9 kilometres which may take 10 minutes to 15 minutes to reach the destination. And if we measure the distance from Banashankari to the city bus station then it is nearly about 7 kilometres which may take 10 minutes to reach the destination. So it depends upon the company you’re choosing whether they charge packers and movers charges per km, house shifting service cost or nominal packers and movers charges. Usually, the house shifting service cost is nearly about Rs. 3000- Rs. 25,000. If packers and movers charge per km then roughly the charges would be Rs. 300 – Rs. 2500 per km. prices may differ if the shifting is of office. Packers and movers charge for office movements, then most of the packers and movers charge per km because sometimes the shifting of offices is done in nearby localities and the efforts are not compensated properly.

It is usually advisable for the clients before selecting any packers and movers company, just go through the packers and movers cost estimate and then select the best and most affordable one. If you go through packers and movers’ cost estimate then you will be able to see the difference in the prices as some of the packers and movers charges standard charges, packers and movers charges per kilometre, house shifting charges, packers and movers cost on whole. If you are an amateur and you’re trying these Packers and movers services the first time then it is wise to ask for packers and movers cost estimate as this will sort your problem regarding the budget.

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0830 208 9090

Frequently Asked Questions about Packers and Movers

Q1. How can I hire affordable packers and movers? 

Hiring reputed packers and movers in India can be a daunting task for you. The following criteria will assist you in making the right decision:

Make a list of the best packers and movers in your city based on reviews and ratings.
Evaluate their genuineness and reliability.
Check the strength of the crew and vehicles.
Shortlist three leading packers and movers.
Ask them to survey before moving.
Compare the quotes and pick the one that fulfils your requirements the most.
Obtain written quotes.
Before signing the contract and availing of the service, read the agreement thoroughly.

Q2. How can I check credible and authentic packers movers?

Verifying packers and movers can ensure you of its legitimacy and reliability. The following tips will help you streamline your selection process: 

Visit the office in person to know their physical presence and infrastructure. Physical presence is a must.
Meet and inquire the owner about the company’s experience and witness transport vehicles, an original copy of the company registration certificate, the license certificate, the GST registration certificate, and the transportation permit certificate yourself.
Ask about previous customers and cross-check.
Choose a company that offers a pre-move survey.
Inquire about goods transit insurance, overall service fees, and different cost heads.
Say no to a down payment.
Conduct thorough online research to check their background and market reputation.

All this can help you move with dependable and experienced packers and movers company.

Q3. How do you assess the cost of house shifting services?

The following factors determine the prices:

The number of items to be shifted: More items will generate a higher cost. The transporter usually charges you for a full truckload even if the items to be shifted are fewer than the truckload. So, communicate with the transporter first and learn about the truck’s load capacity that will deliver your goods.

Distance to be covered: Traveling a greater distance will result in a higher cost.

Day of shifting: Quotes during peak season (February – July) will be higher than quotes during off-peak season.

Q4. Why should I hire a packers and movers company while home shifting?

Changing residences within or outside a city is a stressful life event. Relocation is one of the world’s top worries. The home shifting process includes loading the truck with packed household items and transportation to unloading the truck and unpacking and rearranging household items.

You may have to deal with various other responsibilities during the course of your shift to your new home.

Managing the relocation procedure will take a significant amount of your work and time. Coordinating the entire moving process on your own might be arduous.

Consequently, you must contact professional packers movers business to handle all of your relocation needs. However, it is imperative to be confident of packers’ and movers’ reliability, expertise, licensing, reputation, and authenticity before entering into a contract or hiring the services.

types of house shifting services from packers and movers bommanahalli

Moving into a new house can be rejoicing, entertaining as well as tiresome at the same time for different individuals and families.

Packers and movers are the sole professionals who can carry out this work with swift action and at the best of times. Therefore choosing Packers and Movers has to be done every time you plan to relocate. Shifting at a time of day or night, weekdays or weekends also plays an important factor for the packers movers as it provides certain benefits to you as well as the company but majorly these companies work in different formats. 

There are two main types of house shifting services:- 

  1. Door to door:-  These are the most well-cultivated packers and movers who act like corporates and have well-planned customer-centric policies where even a minute shifting is possible. As a house may comprise any item that can be challenging to the packer movers and it can be an old grandpa’s bicycle, a book with long family history and clothes of sensitive colours. Door to Door services has increased due to the competition in the market but kudos to the customers as the overall benefit is taken by the customers. 


  • Electricity bills/meter
  • Fragile articles

Best packers and movers are said to be those who provide dedicated packing and cartoons to each available item to be relocated. 

Costing :- 17,000 to 28,000 (Including labour, packing, transport) 

Duration :- 1-3 days 

Availability :- All Metropolitan Cities. 

  1. Station to station:- The most affordable packers movers run into this type of shifting process and this service is mostly seen when an individual has to get relocated into a different city/state.

Due to its good economic status, it is widely famous among households with little to no fragile items. These services also transport bulk items and edibles. Many families who are linked to their hometowns for grains and pulses usually use this shifting service. 

The only drawback to these packer and movers companies is that they do not deliver to the door and it costs more money to the customer and it depends from city to city. 

Costing :- 10,000 to 20,000 (Including labour, packing, transport) 

Duration:- 1-5 days 

Availability:- All over India

*HVAC and Electric items are mostly relocated separately where Door to Door facility is not available. 

Apart from the above-mentioned types of packers and movers, there are certain start-ups that have built their reputation and presence in a very rigid manner. Which is a good sign for the families and individuals who are always looking for better safety and saving money meanwhile. 

The most well-known packers and movers start-ups are given below:-

  1. Assure shift ( Hyderabad  ) 
  2. Leo packers and movers ( Hyderabad) 
  3. Mouthshut. Com ( Bangalore) 

Note:- All the information above mentioned is the work of pure research and review. Still, they don’t provide or Define the types of packers and movers for house shifting. 

The cost, duration, and availability can alter according to time and place. It may not be accurate to follow. 


Searching for some packers and movers in bommanahalli, Bangalore? Well then make sure they provide the best services. Given the fact that Bangalore is well known for its traffic and congestion, the hassles of shifting around the city are quite a few. Bommanahalli being one of the prime residential locations of the city, near all the IT hubs, is quite prone to these problems of traffic due to the continuous flow of traffic and subpar road quality.   

On the other hand, Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. Hence, nothing less should be expected of any professional services that the businesses here have to offer be it home cleaning or house shifting. So while you search for “house shifting services near me” on the internet, make sure that you properly look into what kind of professional services you are looking for and who are the best in the field. And if you are specifically looking for them in and around bommanahalli, then here are a few options that you would like to explore. 

These are just a few of the best options that you can look into. However, there are many others in and nearby the bommanahalli in Bangalore whom you can consult as per your needs after thorough research.

Advantages of Hiring Packers and Movers

Are you also thinking of moving to a new place but worried about the expensive stuff? If yes, then here is the solution. Today’s article will discuss the advantages of hiring packers and movers. I will give you five reasons why you should hire packers and movers to safely start your journey towards your new home without damaging the expensive interior.

What are packers and movers?

Packers and movers house to house pressing and moving services. They ensure that all your home interior is relocated with utmost care and the greatest arrangements. To facilitate your relocation packers and movers provide you finest arrangements of carriers in and around the country. If you are looking forward to moving to your new place, then packers and movers are your destinations and as well as a helping hand.

What are the advantages of hiring packers and movers?

To overcome the challenge of shifting to a new place you can hire packers and movers. Packers and movers will surely help you in packing, unpacking, and rearranging the interiors and other stuff of your home making the process of shifting less tiring. If you belong to the category of those who aren’t aware of the advantages of hiring packers and movers, then this article is surely your guiding partner. I will request you to read the article till the end to get detailed information about packers and movers.

1) Quick and speedy loading and unloading: –

Shifting and relocation is a tiring process and takes a lot of time. But with the right and efficient packers and movers service, you will be able to quickly load and unload all the things. Though you have to spend some time searching for a perfect packing and moving service. But once you find one it will surely help you save your time by speeding up the process of shifting.

2) Budget-friendly: –

If you are planning to do the whole process of shifting and moving by yourself then let me inform you that it can be risky as well as expensive. Besides this, the truck or cargo won’t worry about your fragile goods and may end up damaging any of them. On the other hand, if you hire packers and movers, it will be cheap and they will handle your goods very carefully.

3) Safe and coherent: –

Shifting is tiring and can get on your nerves making you stressed. If you hire packers and movers, they will take care of all the fragile home appliances by wrapping them with soft wrapping materials like cushioning. They know the right way of placing things so that it takes the least place taking care of fragile things.

4) Transit insurance of your home appliances: –

Packers and movers provide you transit insurance in case something gets damaged by a mishap. The transit insurance will compensate for the damage caused during shifting.

5) Highly trained workers and door to door shifting: –

It is very important to ensure that the relocating service you choose provides you with door-to-door shifting and has highly trained workers while shifting to a distant place. Packers and movers have highly trained workers that expertise in loading, unloading, and handling critical situations with calmness and intelligence.


In my opinion, you should definitely get packers and movers while relocating and shifting. Hiring packers and movers is time as well as cost-efficient. And above all, it is always wise to prevent loss rather than repenting about the loss. Packers and movers are the one-stop solutions to all your shifting-related problems.

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In this article, we have offered you a list of the top 5 packers and movers in Bommanahalli, Bangalore of 2022 with phone numbers, addresses, reviews and charges. Hire now top 5 packers and movers in Bommanahalli, Bangalore from